Animal welfare

At Option Engineering, we design pig production facilities based on animal welfare

Sustainable construction criteria directly affect the profitability of the farm, as well as the quality of its production. 


We nurture animal welfare


We develop measures of proven efficacy in accordance with current animal welfare regulations to ensure that animals enjoy both emotional and physical health. Our projects meet the criteria set by animal welfare certification firms.

We use and promote free-range animal housing systems so that they can move freely in an environment adapted to their needs.

We design our facilities to ensure effluent collection is effective and the emission of gases within the spaces where the animals are housed minimal. Our goal is to achieve maximum animal welfare and to do so, we are constantly studying and at the forefront of the market to discover the latest innovations.

Furthermore, our projects include climate control systems that enable the provision of thermal comfort and optimal air quality.

Our solutions for animal welfare on livestock farms are unique and innovative in the sector and aim to increase production efficiency and sustainability, market competitiveness and the profitability of your business.

As starting criteria, our designs ensure:

That the animals do not suffer from thirst, hunger, or malnutrition, by using highly automated facilities.

That the animals do not suffer from physical or thermal stress, by using highly sophisticated climate control systems and space designs that allow for shelter and rest.

That the animals do not suffer pain, injuries, or diseases by selecting the most suitable materials and designing facilities that minimise the transmission of pathogens.

That the animals can display their behaviour patterns by housing them in facilities with enough space for that purpose.

That the animals do not display fear or distress by generating non-hostile environments.


We are consultant engineers specialising in farm construction project management 

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