Construction of livestock farms and buildings

During the construction stage, we typically have to co-ordinate around 60 supplier companies and their various work teams, which, on average, means handling a team of 50 people on site. By implementing exhaustive monitoring of building execution, a highly experienced team and the best technical means, our projects are completed with total success.


We are construction experts


Throughout our history, we have carried out numerous projects with which we have exceeded our customers’ expectations – we are the construction experts.

We run a checklist of up to 700 items on quality control and on-site occupational health & safety, which are written into the contract and form part of our day-to-day work. With that, we aim to guarantee the end quality expected by the project developer.

COnstrucción granjas
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Using our solutions, we guarantee that quality will be maintained throughout the project’s entire lifespan, which we achieve by introducing innovations and systems that improve and optimise the farm’s production process. 


How we work



On-site control and monitoring of the work in progress, backed up by drone mapping and topographic monitoring.


Use of digital collaboration tools for internal communication between all those involved in the work (APROPLAN®). 


Commissioning and final delivery of the infrastructure

We offer our customers a comprehensive and tailor-made solution based on the needs of each project. We carry out each stage in the construction process accurately, achieving maximum cost savings and in strict fulfilment of established deadlines. 

With our solutions, we minimise risks of a technical nature, we prevent errors occurring during structure construction that may lead to a slowdown in the process or an increase in costs, and we make sure that, among other aspects, all current regulations and laws are complied with.

Como trabajamos
Construcción granjas porcinas
Construcción naves ganaderas

We are consultant engineers specialising in farm construction project management 

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