Today’s agricultural landscape has changed greatly compared to past generations. Research, knowledge and the implementation of technology have greatly benefited pig farming.

Pig farm owners have changed the way they operated, becoming more concerned with swine welfare, food safety and the use of technology.

At Option Engineering we are experts in swine production facilities. We know all the processes, parameters and requirements you need to follow in case you are thinking about owning a pig farm.
Today we will tell you a little bit about the necessary steps to open a pig farm.

Choosing a legal entity for pig farming

You can register an LLC to start a hog farm, as the costs to establish an LLC are lower and provide you with a great deal of protection compared to sole proprietorships.

This type of entity offers you protection as your business grows, as well as adapts to changes along the way.

Insurance policies

If you are thinking of buying a pig farm, insurance should be part of your plans.

There are a variety of policies to cover injuries or mishaps that may occur in your business. These insurance plans may include:

– Property insurance (buildings, equipment, inventory).
– Farm owners insurance, workers’ compensation.
– Liability insurance, income protection and more.

Taking out insurance will help you protect your farm and income from any unforeseen events that may occur.

Protection of intellectual property

Although it sounds strange, pig farming also needs intellectual property protection, this is not only limited to brands or producers.

Intellectual property protection is necessary so that you can protect your patents and new ideas, trademarks, unregistered trademarks and possible trade secrets that you can implement on your pig farm.

Professional Certification

This professional certification, although not mandatory, can serve as an indicator of your knowledge and skills to operate a swine farm.

And while this industry has no known certification, you can obtain other certifications to enhance your professional credibility, such as:

– Animal husbandry certification.
– Certified swine managers.
– Farm management certifications.

Legal documents

To protect your business and the interests of its owners, it is of great importance that you always have your documents up to date. For any business, legal documents are necessary in order to operate, including pig farms. In this case we will tell you the list of the most important legal documents you must have in order to operate your farm.

– LLC Operating Agreement
– Taxes
– Insurance
– Business license
– Driver’s insurance
– Employment Agreement
– Business Plan

In case you are thinking of opening a pig farm, it is important that you have the help of experts, so you can start your business without any setbacks.

At Project Management we will accompany you in every step of your project, from the management to the construction of your business.