Sustainable construction of livestock buildings and farms

At Option Engineering we are committed to sustainable construction, we design farm construction projects implementing systems that favour minimum emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


Our methods for the construction of sustainable pig farms


We work using efficient methods for constructing sustainable pig farms; our goal is to achieve zero energy consumption (NZEB: Nearly zero energy buildings).

Use of renewable energy

The use of renewable forms of energy, such as photovoltaic, geothermal and aerothermal, provides numerous advantages.

Resorting to a clean energy source that respects the environment enables both greater energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions to be achieved. Thus, we contribute to the facilities not polluting the atmosphere and to mitigating climate change as much as possible, as well as to reducing the farm’s maintenance costs.

Construction of passive buildings

We employ mathematical algorithms to enable us to design buildings that use solar energy efficiently, from the point of view of both heating-cooling and natural lighting.

We implement construction models that harness solar energy that include Trombe walls, solar chimneys, solar facades, and geothermal heat.

To achieve optimal climate conditioning for farms, our designs make use of the most efficient systems on the market for insulation, airtightness, ventilation, and to avoid thermal bridges. We nurture every aspect of farm climate conditioning to achieve a result that provides superior quality.


We are consultant engineers specialising in farm construction project management 

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